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SMS not recveived

Karim Jaber

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Hi !

Since you´re writing on this forum, I´ll assume you have Vodafone.
According to Vodafone´s website, roaming services are available in the UAE.
Is it that you can´t receive sms messages, but can send them ?

Can you make phonecalls ?

If you can´t  make phonecalls or anything else, you either didn´t connect to a UAE network at all, or possibly have roaming outside the EU blocked by Vodafone, so you need to enable it.


If the issue is only regarding receiving SMS messages, like you stated, the problem could possibly be in the SMSC number, or possibly somewhere else.


Today is a bank holiday in the Czech Republic, so a Vodafone representative propably won´t  respond to this thread today, so  It´ll be best for you to wait for tomorrow.


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Hello @Karim Jaber,
if some services do not work for you, try to log in to another network (either DU or ETISALAT is your choice). If that doesn't help and your call works, call us for free on +420 776 970 219. Alternatively, write to us via https://tam.je/enforum/ We will check your service settings. Martin

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Úplně nechci zakládat nové téma, ale mám dnes potíže se službou RCS na Vodafone čísle... Telefon píše, že funkce chatu je připojena a funguje, nicméně mi žádné RCS zprávy nedorazí a když nějaké posílám já, dlouho odesílá, napíše že nelze odeslat (Zpráva nebyla odeslána) a do cíle vesměs dorazí, ale já vidím stále že nejde odeslat...

Telefon Huawei P20, poslední aktualizace aplikace Zpravy od Google. Testováno na datech i Na WiFi

Máte dneska někdo podobné potíže?

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