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My modem lost connection

Tim Feizov

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There is a reported outage at your address, so wait until they fix it.




Start of outage: 19/11/2022 16:49

 End of outage: 19/11/2022 22:49

 There are problems with the fixed internet network in your location, which may temporarily impair the quality of our services. We are aware of the seriousness of the situation and are already 100% working on the repair. You can find more information about the outage at vodafone.cz/vypadky, where you can also request to be sent an SMS when the outage ends.



Začátek výpadku: 19. 11. 2022 16:49

Konec výpadku: 19. 11. 2022 22:49

Ve vaší lokalitě se objevují potíže na síti pevného internetu, které mohou krátkodobě zhoršit kvalitu našich služeb. Uvědomujeme si závažnost situace a na opravě už pracujeme na 100 %. Více informací ohledně výpadku najdete na vodafone.cz/vypadky, kde si zároveň můžete požádat o zaslání SMS při ukončení výpadku.

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Interestingly enough, it broke again yesterday night and Vodafone only only noticed it when i raised an issue in the morning. And then i was told the fix will be done by noon time Monday (tomorrow). Rhat's not the standard of service I would expect honestly..

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Check what you signed in the terms and conditions, you need to adjust your expectations accordingly (no offend, I know, that suck...). At night and unfortunately often at the weekend it is probably impossible to reach the technology fully (this is also in this case the reason why it will not be fixed sooner).

Also, in the event of interference / signal drop etc there is no way of knowing where the problem is, the whole fibre node has to be walked and if the problem is intermittent it sometimes takes time to find the cause of the problem (usually another customer interfering with the network).

If you also have a mobile service from Vodafone, you can activate free unlimited mobile internet during the outage in "My Vodafone".

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