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Slow download speed

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you first restart the modem by disconnecting from the power supply for at least 30 seconds, so measure the speed again, if it doesn't improve, then contact Vodafone technical support

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  • Compal VF, VTV box, CA modul
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Zdravim a pridavam se - stava se me posledni cca 4 dny to samy - down 2 - 6 Mbit - Up ani tech 50....jen kolem 12 - 20. Neni to celej den, nepravidelne, modem odpojen, reset, PC reset,....nic. Nikdy jsem nemel zadne vypadky. Ping v pohode - 8 - 16 ms bez packetloss....mel sem podezreni na DNS....ale v Win10 jsem si nastavil servery google a problem je tam stejny....dokonce jsem nameril 2.6 😞 Praha-Nusle. - jinak kabely Belden zasuvka nova, vse OK

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  • 1000 Mb/s
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  • Komplet
  • VF Station, CA modul
  • Praha-Nusle
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Morning no internet. 





One question 

My Vodafone - login number and Pass? 

Zákazníckume účet číslo xxxx? 

Pro plátce xxxxx je xxxx? 



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  • 1000 Mb/s
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  • TG3442DE
  • Internet na doma 1GB
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