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  1. I called. 3 times. Them don't have an English-speaking operator. He tried to call me back, but he still wasn't there. Download = im cry Upload = Excelent NOW... where is 1000mb speed ??? lol I have an exupc in another house. Has been working for 4 years without any problems. You don't need to make any settings on my Vodafone app or home router
  2. Day 4. No one is helping. I went to the branch. It didn't help me. Work was slow due to poor internet connection. Now I'm starting to regret my choice
  3. Morning no internet. Now... One question My Vodafone - login number and Pass? Zákazníckume účet číslo xxxx? Pro plátce xxxxx je xxxx?
  4. Waiting for 16 min. music play. Its not funny😪 Modem OK PC OK Cable OK 35 minut.Not her english language operator
  5. Yes, I tried almost 10 times I don't know how to contact a technician. 800770077 is busy.
  6. Hello The internet was installed yesterday. My internet is not up to speed. I ordered Download-1gb Upload-50mb There is now Download-10mb Upload-50mb
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