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Registration Terms

1. All posts on this site express the views of their authors and neither the administrators nor the moderators ("Administrators") are responsible for them (except for their own posts).
2. You agree that the administrators of this site have the right to hide, remove, edit, and move any post or close any discussion.
3. You agree that the information posted by you will be stored in a database. The administrators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempts that lead to data compromise.
4. The Site uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain any information that you have entered.
5. The site prohibits:
5.1. Use on your user account an email available only on the Tor system, the Vodafone logo or mark including its modifications, and an administrator-like username.
5.2. Share your or anyone else's personal and login information or try to get that information from someone.
5.3. Insult, attack, ridicule or in any way embarrass anyone here.
5.4. Deliberately stirring up quarrels and conflicts or disrupting order in any way.
5.5. Create threads with the same or very similar title or content.
5.6. To veer significantly away from the topic of discussion.
5.7. Promote any third-party services or products that are not related to the discussion.
5.8. Post this type of content:
5.8.1. spam,
5.8.2. vulgarisms,
5.8.3. pornography,
5.8.4. violence,
5.8.5. suppression of rights and freedoms,
5.8.6. nonsensical, false or distorted information,
5.8.7. illegal content or links to share it,
5.8.8. any material whose dissemination would infringe copyright or which you don't have the permission of its author or owner to distribute,
5.8.9. anything that may harm the users or the sites in any way.
5.9. exploit any errors, incite others to violate these Terms and circumvent the ban.
6. Violation of these terms may result in immediate and permanent banning. The IP address of all your actions is recorded for the purpose of enforcing these terms.

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