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  1. Vyzkouseno na 3 PC (Linux, Win10, Mac) a browsery (Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, IE) v normalnim a anonymnim rezimu.. furt dostavam pri pokusu o prehrani "Médium nelze přehrát. Zkuste to prosím znovu. (WT1809)" v console vidim error code 400 (Bad request error): VM3771:1 POST https://vdcr01h5.anycast.nagra.com/VDCR01H5/wvls/contentlicenseservice/v1/licenses 400 opy-sdk-js-all.js?v=0.44.5:17 VIDEOJS: ERROR: (CODE:5 MEDIA_ERR_ENCRYPTED) 6007 - Shaka Error DRM.LICENSE_REQUEST_FAILED (shaka.util.Error { "severity": 2, "category": 1, "code": 1001, "data": [ "https://VDCR01H5.anycast.nagra.com/VDCR01H5/wvls/contentlicenseservice/v1/licenses", 400, "{\"status\":\"UNGRANTED_REQUEST\",\"code\":400,\"errorCode\":4027,\"message\":\"Invalid request\"}", { "content-length": "86", "content-type": "application/json" }, 2 ], "handled": false, "message": "Shaka Error NETWORK.BAD_HTTP_STATUS (https://VDCR01H5.anycast.nagra.com/VDCR01H5/wvls/contentlicenseservice/v1/licenses,400,{\"status\":\"UNGRANTED_REQUEST\",\"code\":400,\"errorCode\":4027,\"message\":\"Invalid request\"},[object Object],2)" }) ue {code: 5, message: '6007 - Shaka Error DRM.LICENSE_REQUEST_FAILED (sha…age\":\"Invalid request\"},[object Object],2)"\n})'} nejake napady co s tim da delat?
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