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  1. sekri

    Modem pw

    @retron the logins iformations before flashing was user/LTE@Endusr and admin/CPE@huawei . now nothing works I found that on CZ routers the loging is user and the password is difffernt for every router. and is cmpsed of numbers only
  2. sekri

    Modem pw

    I can't log into the user nor the admin. after I uploaded the firmware nietherthe Admin nor the User works. only Wifi password that on the back remains the same.
  3. sekri

    Modem pw

    Yes I did, didn't work @retron How to update without logging in ?
  4. sekri

    Modem pw

    Ondra, I will try to contact huawei support global Retron, I can't upload any other since I can't login to the admin area
  5. sekri

    Modem pw

    Thank You Ondra for your reply I tested all the known passwords I have user/LTE@Endusr on the back of the router, but I am in Morocco and I uploaded the CZ firmware by error thinking it is from Huawei where it was from Vodafone site
  6. Hello Brothers, I have flashed my Huawei B2368-66 with a CZ Vodafone firmware : B2368_V100R001C00SPC139.bin From this site : https://www.vodafone.cz/pece/internet-data/datova-zarizeni/modem-b2368-22/ and I no longer able to use the admin backend. I have tested all the known passwords, please help tested passwords : user LTE@Endusr admin CPE@huawei admin MukapaYhal admin 1234 admin LTEcpe admin admin root admin telecomadmin admintelecom admin superonline
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