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  1. So why the ports are not opening, is it possible that my firewall blocks them ? @Evzen Yes I'm sure i need it like that , it's 4 servers, steam. but i probably can remove the 7777 ones and leave it only with 27015 - 20 but still can't open them ...
  2. Here is screens from both the sites i dont understand how to fix it ? it says ipv6 not detected at all
  3. So after 2 weeks nearly waiting for them to contact me i wrote mails called to operator ect finnaly my wife went to the office and they said its done they made it But still i cant open my ports if someone can help me with it in here im tottaly lost with that port forwarding why its not simple like before just making a static ip that never changes and all ports are opened .... Here is what i'v set up its obviously wrong cuz the ports are not opened .... 😞 please help
  4. Im sorry it seems i have the ipv4 but still i couldn't open my ports what should I say when i call there if someone can show up some steps i would be really great full ( if it doesn't require calling) i think i need real IP with last 2 digits big ones .
  5. Sorry I'm creating probably the 100th post about that kind of router for port forwarding (it's my girlfriends router) Im normally a paid host of couple servers lately we moved in together with my girlfriend and we kept her router and upped the bill to the best and fastest internet for the servers, the problem is i went to security settings on the router trying to open the ports 27015 and 7777 ( the option wasn't even there ) went to CMD ipconfig and found out she has static IP and not "real IP " my question is where i can call or write an email at least so the static IP turns into a "real IP" v4 Or at least a solution how to make it work .. PS: I'm sorry for the wall of text i would really appreciate of detailed info ( you can write on Czech i understand it but my grammar is bad that's why this post is on English)
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