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  1. Hi Marek, Thanks for your responses, I appreciate that! I think I know the reason of slow Internet connection - it's mainly due to Vodafone router. I've made a test - connected another router (Archer AX20) to the one from Vodafone with 5E cable and compared the speed, so same device connected to Archer is showing not less than 300 mbs, while when connecting to Vodafone it gives less than 100 mbs. Ok, I guess it's for proper protocol setup on Vodafone device, so I'll try maybe to play a bit. And btw, to your point of WiFi connection - on the admin page of Vodafone router there's a connected devices list, showing connection speed, so for connected MacBook Pro it shows around 250 mbs, while in the device itself with SpeedTest (Ookla) it show not more than 100 mbs of Internet connection... However, I think I'll continue to use Archer for any of my need and Vodafone I'll setup to modem mode instead of router, so it will just pass Internet connection further. Thank you for the assistance here!
  2. @Marek-26, hi there. Thank you for the clarification. I was looking for a way to address a concern about Internet connection speed to Vodafone, so maybe will check for some contact on their website also. I was testing mostly through Wi-Fi sitting right in front of the router (provided by Vodafone), so there should be no other conditions significantly influencing the speed. However, tested over cable couple of times - absolutely same result of ~100mb. And regarding access to exUPC - I can't use properly. Opening page, but I don't have a password (that one heslo, sent by Vodafone doesn't work), and when trying to reset the password, getting an error message "Omlouváme se, ale došlo k chybě." and recommendation to go for contact center or chat. By the way, would you please advise on how to reach the chat for exUPC services support?
  3. Dobry den, allow me to address few topics in English, as I'm only learning Czech at the moment. I've recently became new Vodafone customer by ordering "Velka rodina" service and have following topics: 1. Most critical - as per service contract, Internet speed should be 500 mb/s. In fact, I've seen such speed only 2-3 times since service started (last 10 days) and this is completely inappropriate! Most of the time speed is around 100 mb and not more (sometimes even less). Kindly advise how this may be resolved! 2. Though I've received services, I cannot login to Muj Vodafone - by trying to login, system tells that password is incorrect (I've received some heslo in a sms, but it doesn't work). Tried to reset the password, but not receiving any email. Also, to your notice - in papers for Internet services my account number seem to be put wrongly (last digit is missing), as in the sms I've received little bit different number. Account number for reference: 52876601. Kindly let me know how these issues could be resolved. Thank you. Best regards
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