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  1. Today I have been trying to reach the support calling 800777777 for my bills and payments. In the first call- I reached the support guy and told him that I do not speak Czech then he transfer the call to English speaking (waited 7 minutes). Another guy picked the call and same no English speaking- transferring to English speaking support (another 8 minutes waited) Finally the call connected to the women called Dominika- She said she does not speak English and I have to wait for 48 hours to get the call back and I have been telling her if English speaking guys are busy then why did you ask me to wait 18 minutes on the call and telling me that we are transferring the call? This Dominika is really a bad support and so ridiculous and no patience at all. She is not even giving me a chance to hear out and try to find the workaround or willing to support customer taking an extra mile when the customer is urgent. You must hear the call record and you will know how careless she is.
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